June 13, 2021


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  • Visitor : You understand the Risk! Enemies are approaching from all sides, and the Back, as far as you could see! Waiting for a chance again, to get in! Very Dangerous! Could, understanding things right anywhere, and everywhere, and no watchers around! No need to move things at once! Till the right time! This can take some time! Can not be more specific this way, and at this time! According to what I did mention before! Ignore Others! Can, without approaching! You know, what I mean! No Traps, No Excuses! Should be done the way you understand it, right, at this time! Ignore Others again, No need for them, all the Time! They are more Risks, this Way! If they can not respect that, it is their Problems, not Mine! No need to mention it!
  • Visitor : Non are Fit around, to stay here, and around! Like what happened There! Some need to understand that Right! Most Exposed! It is War Zones, Anywhere, and Everywhere!
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